Just sold this super unique property up on an exclusive hill top in north county. Almost 360 degree views from the property. 6+ acres of land. Enjoy a winery and tasting room at the bottom of your driveway, just steps away from home. 




North County Home To Envy Properties

Swell Property has some amazing listings for sale right now! Check out the photos of a few of my favorites below. Call for details. 760-846-4628

4205 Clearview Dr, Carlsbad CA

4205 Clearview Dr, Carlsbad, CA
4205 Clearview Dr, Carlsbad CA
4205 clearview carlsbad CA
4205 Clearview Dr, Carlsbad CA
4205 Clearview Dr, Carlsbad, CA
4205 Clearview Dr, Carlsbad CA Erik Gilmer Swell

Your Home is A Reflection of You

A home is a reflection of all that is important to you: a mirror of your aesthetics, your vibe and your (family) values. Think about it; everything that you own and cherish resides in that unique space. So many people dream of owning their perfect dream home “some day”! For those of you waiting around for that special day...stop waiting! There are so many affordable homes out there just waiting for you. Rethink your dream. So many homes are just lacking love and a good eye for design. With just a few nice upgrades, renovations and improvements and special touches you can make quaintest of homes reflect your unique style - just like your dream home that could take years and years to get

As an interior design and renovation addict, I know the pain of wanting the perfect home. As a real estate agent I offer a unique skill set and perspective on home buying and selling. With 12 years of business ownership combined with my eye for design I can help you get top dollar for your home by prepping and staging effectively.

You can create a dreamy, bright, cozy, stylish home that won't break the bank - you just need the perfect agent to steer you in the right direction…good luck with your pursuits. And stop waiting…CREATE!


New home in North County Coastal.

“Juli not only found us our new house in Encinitas, but she jumped right in to turn it into a home. It's been a relief to know that we have someone we can trust to manage the updates and fixes that we wanted to make before officially moving in.”

— Felicia & Dave Rawlins


Speedy home renovation project in Carlsbad.

“Thanks to Juli my home sold for $120k more than it would have had we not updated it with better flooring, new paint, kitchen, bath and landscape upgrades. Juli knows what she's doing and makes it seem so easy and basic."

— Terri Wagner


Interior Design Project Los Angeles.

“I had the pleasure of working with Juli on the inter design of my new home. What a dream she is to work with!! A heart of gold and impeccable taste. She is super organized and made the process enjoyable and full of ease. She is knowledgable, reliable, trustworthy, super creative, and so kind. She is an amazing designer and I highly recommend her!"

— Melissa, Sienna Moon La


Your Dream Home Can Come True

What are some things you can't live without? A yard? A view? A pool? Lots of windows? A fancy kitchen? A one story. These things matter. Don't sacrifice or skimp on your must-haves. You'll find that home, just be patient. Write a list. Make a dream board. Start envisioning the space everyday. Don't let anybody tell you you're crazy or you will never find what you want for the price you can afford. You will...

Good Bones

Screenshot 2018-01-12 10.29.29.png

Does the home your buying have good bones? How can you tell? Let me help you buy or create your dream home? Simply and quickly. Sometimes just the littlest touches can transform what seems to be a lifeless space. 



Are you a minimalist? Or a "maxamilist"? Are thinking about selling your home? Then you might want to think more minimalist. Here's why...